About Bhaktavatsala R Apuri, MD


About Us

Summit Medical Associates LLC is a medical practice offering comprehensive heart health management to patients at offices in Fort Wayne and Topeka, Indiana. Led by board-certified cardiology expert Bhaktavatsala Apuri, MD, the practice uses a holistic approach to find and address the many causes and contributing factors related to each patient. 

Dr. Apuri commits himself to provide an unwavering standard of excellence in cardiovascular disease diagnosis and management. With his medical expertise, Dr. Apuri uses the most advanced testing methods to evaluate heart function, like echocardiograms, exercise stress testing, and pharmacological stress testing. 

At Summit Medical Associates LLC, patients can receive detailed information about and effective treatment for many of the most common heart and vascular diseases. Dr. Apuri specializes in treating atrial fibrillation, hypertension, and coronary artery disease using a combination of personalized lifestyle change recommendations, prescribed medications, and clinical treatments. He can also help prevent heart attacks or treat patients after they experience this life-changing event.

Chest pain and breathing problems don’t always indicate a heart health issue, but Dr. Apuri offers his resources and expertise when they do. 

The patient and caring staff welcome patients of all ages to come in and learn more about their heart health and risk factors, whether or not they have symptoms.

To reserve an appointment at Summit Medical Associates LLC, call the office or use the online booking tool any time.