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Stress testing is a way to see how well your heart works under pressure when it’s pumping harder than it does at rest. At Summit Medical Associates LLC in Fort Wayne and Topeka, Indiana, Bhaktavatsala Apuri, MD, offers exercise stress testing and pharmacological stress testing to get your heart pumping and observe the effects. Schedule your stress test appointment by phone or request one online today.

Stress Testing Q & A

What is stress testing?

Stress testing is a cardiovascular evaluation that shows how well your heart functions as it works its hardest, like during exercise. At Summit Medical Associates LLC, Dr. Apuri might suggest you get a stress test if you have symptoms that could indicate a heart issue, like:

  • Chest pain
  • Shortness of breath
  • Heart palpitations
  • A rapid heartbeat
  • An irregular heartbeat

Even if you don’t have any symptoms, you can benefit from a stress test with Dr. Apuri if you’re about to start a new or more rigorous exercise program, recently had heart surgery, or are recovering from a heart attack or have heart disease. 

Which type of stress testing do I need?

There are a few different stress tests available at Summit Medical Associates LLC, which Dr. Apuri walks you through. He also interprets your results and explains what they mean in detail. For your stress test, he might recommend:

Treadmill stress testing

Treadmill stress testing, also called exercise stress testing, happens as you walk on a treadmill to elevate your heart rate. Dr. Apuri attaches you to an electrocardiogram (EKG) machine with electrodes, which record your heart’s electrical impulses as you walk on a treadmill. Dr. Apuri might increase the pace throughout the test or add an incline to make your heart work harder. 

Myoview stress testing

Dr. Apuri might recommend a Myoview stress test to get a direct view of your blood flow as you walk on a treadmill. He injects a very small amount of a radioactive isotope into your vein before taking images with a specialized camera, which shows the isotope flowing through your vessels and heart. 

Lexiscan® stress testing

A Lexiscan® form of pharmacologic stress test is available if you’re unable to complete an exercise stress test for any reason. Lexiscan is a medication that goes into your bloodstream via an intravenous drip. It increases blood flow to simulate the effects of exercise on your cardiovascular system. You can also get a Lexiscan stress test with Myoview. 

What do the results of a stress test show?

Dr. Apuri can tell a lot about your cardiovascular health and functioning from the results of your stress test. If he finds that your heart has reduced blood flow, it could indicate:

  • Coronary artery disease
  • Damage from a previous heart attack
  • Poor physical fitness
  • An ineffective current heart treatment

Based on the results of your stress test, Dr. Apuri might alter your treatment plan or create a new one. He might also recommend further testing, like an echocardiogram ultrasound imaging test. 

If you’re interested in getting a stress test or finding out if you could benefit from one, call Summit Medical Associates LLC, or request an appointment online today.